Health and Safety Protocol as of March 2021

The studio’s spring and summer dance class schedule will continue to be adaptable to allow the students to take their lessons either in the studio, as space is available, or virtually. Due to the changing circumstances of the Covid-19 epidemic the studio will continue to follow what is advised by NC state department. Private lessons and coaching may be arranged both in studio and virtually upon request, when arranged during the daytime with teacher & studio availability.

All dancers & staff at the studio will be required to follow safety controls, including the commitment to participate only when there is no evidence of health problems in themselves or family members. If your dancer travels outside of the country, please notify us prior to coming back to the studio.
Barres will be sanitized after each class usage. Surfaces will be sanitized consistently during the day and floors will be sanitized consistently using hospital grade cleaner.


  • Parents are asked to drop their students off 15 minutes before their class time (not any earlier) and wait until their child enters the building prior to leaving.
  • To allow for social distancing students will be asked to wait for a staff member prior to entering the building.
  • Everyone is required to wear masks while waiting to enter and inside the building until further notice.
  • Dancers and parents are asked to keep 6 feet distancing while their dancer is waiting to enter the building and prior to entering the classrooms.
  • Students are to come to the studio fully dressed for their lesson/rehearsal, other than their dance shoes that should be carried in a bag. To help with social distancing and the closely timed schedule please do not be late for the lesson.
  • Students are to bring their own mask, sanitizer, barre cover, water bottle & yoga mat for stretching. Please have the mat be able to be strapped up and all belongings in a bag.
  • Temperatures will be taken by all those arriving at the studio.
  • In studio training is limited in each classroom to allow for dancers to be safely spaced for precautions based on what is recommended by state authorities.
  • After the lesson students will be directed to the front studio and will exit the door to the right of the entrance door on the other side of the front studio.  Due to the timing of the scheduled classes parents are asked to arrive on time to pick up their dancer. Dancers will be asked to wait in the front studio until their ride arrives. For security, dancers are not to wait outside for their ride without adult supervision. If someone other than their parents that are staff has met, please notify our office prior to their lesson.
  • The lobby area will be closed off until further notice to all persons except for staff & students entering and exiting the building.
  • The dressing area, lockers and water fountain are not to be used except that students may use the bathroom facilities one at a time when needed. Parents are asked to have their dancers use the bathroom at home prior to arriving at the studio to avoid more bathroom trips than necessary.