Classical Ballet Lessons are offered daily at Intermediate up through Advanced Levels for the study of the fine art of classical dance. Placement is required for proper level. Acceptance into the Pre-Professional Program is available by approval of the directors. Multiple lessons a week are required to prevent injury and daily study to reach maximum potential. Pointe work study is offered in lessons multiple times per week at Intermediate levels.

Modern Lessons  at Intermediate through advanced levels for technical conditioning with practice and instruction on stylized choreographed movements in exercises to develop dances. A minimum of two to three classical dance lessons is recommended in addition for maximum results.

Variation and Character Classes are available for Lilac, Amethyst, Magenta and Diamond dancers taking multiple classes a week to teach dances from various ballets at the appropriate skill level of the students.

Dress Code:

Lilac, Amethyst and Magenta Classes

  • Purple leotard
  • Pink Theatrical Pink tights
  • Pink leather ballet slippers

Diamond Class

  • Black or White Leotard
  • Pink Theatrical Pink tights
  • Pink ballet slippers