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I am special….

By Cari-Lenn Orr August 2013 Infinity Ballet Teacher and Choreographer “I’m a special child. I’m a special child. There is nobody quite like me.”  This is the melodic tune that I would hear my mother serenade me and my siblings with throughout our formative years, and these are words that still impact my life as an adult. They are the very words that I believe every individual needs to hear at some point in their lives. More often than not we all have had people to speak words of affirmation into our lives as well as words of nullification which shape who we are today.  My mother happens to be one of the most influential voices in my life to this day, and it was her whisper of “you can do it” that helped me along in my journey as a professional dancer.    As dancers, we are constantly having to look at ourselves in the mirror… constantly bombarded with ideas  or notions about the ideal body type…constantly comparing ourselves to the next moving figure next to, in front of or behind us and find ourselves discontent with what we have been given.  We strive to obtain this “perfect” image or facility instead of striving to be the better us. I ask you…WHO DEFINES YOU ANYWAY?  Does society? People? Loved ones? Teachers? You? Because whoever you CHOOSE to give that power to, that is who is shaping your life.  WORDS SHAPE OUR LIVES. GOOD OR BAD…they are tools that mold us into the individuals that we were, that we are and that we will be if we GIVE them PERMISSION to do so. More often than not we as dancers tend to fall into this [...]

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Congratulations “A Story Without Words” Performers

Infinity Ballet is proud of all their dancers that performed in Infinity Ballet Theatre's Annual Spring Spectacular Performance of "A Story Without Words", to an enthusiastic, sold out house, at the Cary Arts Center in Cary, NC on June 1, 2013. From young creative pre-schoolers to developing pre-professionals, each student not only did their best but also created a very enjoyable, entertaining and uplifting performance. Congratulations all!

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