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2018 Best Dance Classes – Raleigh NC Winner

Infinity Ballet has been named Best of! Best Dance Classes in Raleigh, NC 2018 looked at dozens of other pros in the Raleigh area, scored us on more than 10 variables, and hand picked Infinity Ballet to be part of the program. This is no small feat. In fact, the Best of pros make up less than six percent of all professionals. We are very excited about this award and look forward sharing the accolades with our dancers!

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Infinity Ballet Theatre Member Profiles-Part 2

~Happy Spring! Our second installment of Infinity company member profiles is finally here!~ Aubrey Houle: 1.  What inspires you to dance? I love to learn. The studio is my happy place. I am inspired by Alicia Alonso, a blind ballerina. I too am visually impaired so knowing that other dancers with similar challenges can do it encourages me to not give up. When I watch a professional ballet, the dancers are so beautiful and it looks effortless. That makes me want to work harder. 2.  What are your three favorite things about dancing? My relationships with my peers. I love working hard because when performance season comes, I can see how the work has paid off. Dancing is an escape from negativity, stress. There is never a time where I don't want to be at the studio working and traIning. 3.  Why do you enjoy being a part of the company? We are a family. We've seen each other grow up, improve, and suffer. But we are there for each other in and out of the studio. Company is an extra opportunity to do what I love with who I love. 4.  What are your ambitions? My dream is to be a professional ballet dancer. Wherever dance takes me I will follow. I want dance to lead to the way. When I'm physically unable to dance, I want to teach others this beautiful art form and for others to have the same opportunities that I have had. Hannah Green: 1. What inspires you to dance? I don’t have a specific inspiration to why I dance, I just love it, dance has been something that I have grown up doing. 2. What [...]

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Infinity Ballet Theatre Company Member Profiles – Part 1

~ This post is the first in a series profiling the Infinity Ballet Theatre company dancers. ~ On January 23rd through 25th, four of the Infinity company members traveled to Atlanta with Miss Debbie and Miss Cari-Lenn and parents to compete at the Youth American Grand Prix. They all enjoyed and benefited from the chance to take master classes with instructors from around the country, to perform classical variations and contemporary pieces they had perfected with the choreography and coaching help of the Infinity faculty, and to interact with and measure themselves against other young, aspiring dancers. Anna-Marie Kool: Why did you decide to compete at Youth American Grand Prix? I love the process. I love working on a variation, and then showing the judges who I am and what I’ve worked hard to accomplish. I decided to compete at YAGP because it challenges me in many ways and I feel it makes me stronger as a person. What was your favorite aspect of YAGP? I enjoyed being amongst many dancers who love dance like I do. I love being inspired by all of the different levels that are represented there. What did you learn about yourself as a dancer through YAGP? I learned that I should “go confidently in the direction of my dreams” because I have what it takes to accomplish what I want to. (Henry David Thoreau) What do you hope to accomplish in your dancing career? I hope to dance professionally with a company somewhere. I want to inspire others to go after their dreams, as many great artists did for me. What is your greatest inspiration to dance? A lot of things inspire me. I [...]

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I am special….

By Cari-Lenn Orr August 2013 Infinity Ballet Teacher and Choreographer “I’m a special child. I’m a special child. There is nobody quite like me.”  This is the melodic tune that I would hear my mother serenade me and my siblings with throughout our formative years, and these are words that still impact my life as an adult. They are the very words that I believe every individual needs to hear at some point in their lives. More often than not we all have had people to speak words of affirmation into our lives as well as words of nullification which shape who we are today.  My mother happens to be one of the most influential voices in my life to this day, and it was her whisper of “you can do it” that helped me along in my journey as a professional dancer.    As dancers, we are constantly having to look at ourselves in the mirror… constantly bombarded with ideas  or notions about the ideal body type…constantly comparing ourselves to the next moving figure next to, in front of or behind us and find ourselves discontent with what we have been given.  We strive to obtain this “perfect” image or facility instead of striving to be the better us. I ask you…WHO DEFINES YOU ANYWAY?  Does society? People? Loved ones? Teachers? You? Because whoever you CHOOSE to give that power to, that is who is shaping your life.  WORDS SHAPE OUR LIVES. GOOD OR BAD…they are tools that mold us into the individuals that we were, that we are and that we will be if we GIVE them PERMISSION to do so. More often than not we as dancers tend to fall into this [...]

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Congratulations “A Story Without Words” Performers

Infinity Ballet is proud of all their dancers that performed in Infinity Ballet Theatre's Annual Spring Spectacular Performance of "A Story Without Words", to an enthusiastic, sold out house, at the Cary Arts Center in Cary, NC on June 1, 2013. From young creative pre-schoolers to developing pre-professionals, each student not only did their best but also created a very enjoyable, entertaining and uplifting performance. Congratulations all!

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