Class Descriptions

Infinity Ballet Class DescriptionsPerforming OpportunitiesClass Schedules • Class Requirements

Infinity Ballet Dance Classes: Dance at IBC is an education of skill and artistic development. Class placement is determined by factoring in a combination of age, experience and skill development. The faculty is trained to offer the class a gradual development in their lessons, using music appropriate to the age and level of the student. Performance opportunities are offered to all students through the Infinity Ballet Theatre. Please contact our receptionist at 919-303-1105 to help you choose the best class placement.

Opals Classes

Ages 2 ½ to 4 Opals 1 Creative Dance

Ages 3 ½ to 5 Opals 2 Creative Dance

Ages 5 to 6 Opals 2 Pre-Ballet, Pre-Jazz, Pre-Tap

An introduction for young children to learn basic coordination exercises practiced to different styles of music. The lessons include exercises for learning basic rhythms, working with others in simple patterns and simple dance movements using the full body. Emphasis is made to explore the use of the student’s imagination.

Dress Code: Girls – Pink leotard and tights with pink ballet slippers and black tap shoes when Tap is included in Lesson. Boys – White T-Shirt with black tights, sweatpants or gym shorts and white socks and black ballet slippers or jazz shoes.

Sapphires Classes Ages 6-9

Lessons offer the primary studies of dance technique in various styles of movement including classes in ballet, jazz, and tap. Coordination exercises are highly emphasized for learning to listen to music while executing movements. Dances are taught to learn how to work as a group and develop basic performance skills

Basic Ballet Lessons teach body stance, classical foot positions and points of reference for body poses, movements of the arms, performance etiquette, group coordination, musicality and relationship to space.

Dress Code: Girls – blue leotard with pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

Boys – White T-Shirt, black tights or gym shorts, white socks and ballet slippers

Basic Jazz and Tap Lessons introduce different styles of dance to various styles of music with an introduction to choreography. A Ballet Lesson is recommended in combination or addition for maximum achievement.

Dress Code: Same as the ballet with an option of Capri jazz pants or tight to the ankle and jazz/tap shoes.

Rubies & Garnet Classes

Ages 7 ½ to 11 – Ruby One

Ages 9 to 12 – Ruby Two

Age 11 to Adult – Ballet One and Two

Classical Ballet Lessons are offered for the beginning studies of classical dance training. The basics to all dance forms require the gradual assimilation of classical techniques by developing strength, agility, flexibility, coordination and fluidity equally. Multiple lessons per week are recommended for students age eight and older and are necessary to reach maximum potential.

Dress Code: Girls – any shade of red or maroon leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Addition: Pink Ribbons are required for girls ages 10-14 in Ruby 2 Ballet Classes. Boys – White T-Shirt, black tights or gym shorts, white socks and ballet slippers.

Jazz and Modern Lessons practice compulsory exercises for body movement, conditioning, awareness and application to routines and choreographed dances in different styles of dance.

A Classical Ballet Lesson is recommended in addition for maximum achievement. Dress Code: Capri or jazz pants (tight at the ankle) and Jazz or Modern shoes maybe needed.

National Character Dance is the study of steps and styles from ethnic dances and their eventual application for the stage. It is recommended for all students who would like to perform.

Emeralds Classes

Ages 10 to Adult

Classical Ballet Lessons (Ballet Three) are at the advanced beginner and beginning intermediate levels of training for the study of Classical Dance, providing the gradual assimilation of all elements needed for maximum personal achievement and offering the student the greatest chance for satisfaction with their performance. Pointe work is optional with the approval of the teacher for students taking a minimum of three ballet lessons per week …

Dress Code: Girls Class – green leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. (Pink ribbons are recommended on Ballet Slippers and required on pointe shoes).

Modern/Jazz Lessons offer practice and instruction on stylized choreographed movements in exercises to develop routines and dances. A minimum of one classical dance lesson is recommended in addition for maximum results.

Dress Code: Capri or jazz pants (tight at the ankle) and Jazz or Modern Shoes needed.

National Character Dance (see above) is recommended and required for scholarship students and those in the pre-professional program.

Lilac Amethysts Magenta and Diamonds Classes

Ages 12 to Adult

Classical Ballet Lessons (Ballet Four and Five) are offered daily at the Intermediate up through Advanced Levels for the complete study of the fine art of classical dance. Acceptance into the Pre-Professional Program is available by approval of the directors. Multiple lessons a week are recommended to prevent injury and reach maximum potential. A minimum of five lessons a week is recommended for pre-professional training and performing at Intermediate Advanced levels.

Dress Code: purple leotard with pink tights and pink ballet slippers. (Pink ribbons on Ballet Slippers and Pointe shoes)

Jazz and Modern Lessons offers practice with specialized movements and different styles of choreography for opportunities to develop abilities to learn dances.

Dress code: Capri/Jazz pants or black tights with Jazz/Modern shoes by teacher request. Modern Lesson is required for Pre- Professional Program.

Variation Classes are available for Emerald, Diamond and Amethyst Class dancers taking multiple classes a week to teach dances from various ballets at the appropriate skill level of the students.

Tap Class teaches tap dance skills using exercises with instruction to develop rhythmic control with fluidity and style. More advanced lessons develop choreographed routines in addition to compulsory exercises.

Trial Lessons are available for all ages. Financial Aid Scholarships are offered to students that are committed to training in classical dance.

Registration and Tuition

Registration for open classes is available throughout the year.

New students are welcome year round.

Tuition Fees and Registration:

Student registration is $40 at Infinity Ballet.

We DO NOT require an annual commitment upon registration. Our tuitions are based on the amount of hours a student is studying in classes at the studio and are billed in ten week sessions.

Payment Plans and Discounts

Monthly credit card payment plans are available. Family discounts are applied for those with multiple students registered at the studio and college students. Work study programs are available for older students taking multiple hours.

Adult Classes

Class cards are available for Adult students and are valid for ten months.


Infinity Ballet pre-professional programs are developed at the beginning of each season by placement of the artistic staff for dancers that would like to train daily and work towards advanced studies. Infinity Ballet Theatre offers additional performing opportunities for students interested in this program.

The pre-professional program is designed for students ages nine and older who have a desire to have a complete training in classical dance. Lessons in Character Dance, Variations, Modern, Jazz and Partnering are also given at the appropriate time in the students’ training.

Dance students active in the Pre-Professional Program are encouraged to perform and are offered regular opportunities to audition for roles in Infinity Ballet Theatre’s productions. As they advance in their work this gives them on stage experience working on choreography with professional dancers.

Class Sizes

Classes are limited in number to provide for proper training.

Trial Lessons

Complimentary trial lessons are available for interested students. Please call 919-303-1105 to arrange a visit to our studio.

Clothing and Shoes

Dancewear, including leotards, tights, shoes, and skirts, is available at the studio for all levels of classes.