What is taught

Classical Ballet Lessons are offered for the beginning studies of classical dance training. The basics to all dance forms require the gradual assimilation of classical techniques by developing strength, agility, flexibility, coordination and fluidity equally. Multiple lessons per week are recommended for students age eight and older and are necessary to reach maximum potential.

Jazz, Lyrical, Pre-Modern Lessons practice compulsory exercises for body movement, conditioning, awareness and application to routines and choreographed dances in different styles of dance. A Classical Ballet Lesson is recommended in addition for maximum achievement.

National Character Dance is the study of steps & styles from ethnic dances and their eventual application for the stage. It is recommended for all students who would like to perform. Enhancing coordination, rhythm, group work and awareness of space.

Tap Class teaches tap dance skills using exercises with instruction to develop rhythmic control with fluidity and style. More advanced lessons develop choreographed routines in addition to compulsory exercises.

Dress Code:


  • Any shade of red, burgundy or maroon leotard
  • Theatrical pink tights (no back seam)
  • Full sole leather pink ballet slippers.
  • Garnet Ballet Classes require pink ribbons on ballet slippers.
  • Character Lessons: Black mid/calf length black skirt with low-heeled beige character shoes.
  • Jazz, Modern, Tap Lessons: Black Capri or ankle length jazz pants or shorts
  • Black Jazz or Tap shoes. Beige Sole Savers for Modern if preferred to barefoot.
  • Hair must be pinned off face for all lessons with long hair in a bun for ballet classes.


  • White T-Shirt
  • Black tights
  • Gym shorts
  • White socks
  • Black leather ballet slippers
  • Black Tap Shoes or Jazz Shoes. Beige Sole Savers for Modern if preferred to barefoot.