What is taught:

Lessons offer the primary studies of dance technique in various styles of movement including classes in ballet, jazz and tap. Coordination exercises are highly emphasized for learning to listen to music while executing movements. Dances are taught to learn how to work as a group and develop basic performance skills.

Ballet Lessons teach body stance, classical foot positions and pointes of reference for body poses, movements of the arms, performance etiquette, group coordination, musicality and relationship to space.

Jazz and Tap Lessons introduce different styles of dance to various styles of music with an introduction to choreography. A Ballet Lesson is recommended in combination or addition for maximum achievement.

Dress Code:

Girls: blue leotard with pink tights (no back seam). Pink full leather sole ballet slippers. Hair must be pinned off face with long hair in a bun for ballet lessons.

Boys: White T-Shirt, black tights or gym shorts, white socks and ballet slippers or jazz shoes.

Jazz & Tap class: black jazz or tap shoes. Black Jazz pants or Capris.